Current Jobs at Closed Loop Capital Portfolio Companies

Vice President of Quality - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Food Technologist - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Base Brand Manager - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Director of Sales-Frozen - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Scientist - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA

HR Manager - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

HR Recruiter - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Research Associate-Research & Development - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Extruder Operator - Beyond Meat (Columbia, MO)

Extruder Scientist - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Supply Chain Planner - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Financial Analyst - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Customer Service Coordinator - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Maintenance Tech - Beyond Meat (Columbia, MO)

Director of Sales-Fresh - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Laboratory Kitchen Assistant - Beyond Meat (El Segundo, CA)

Principal Software Engineer - Conservis (Minneapolis, MN)

Vice President, Business Development & Strategy - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Sales Manager, Central Valley - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Sales Manager, Pacific Northwest - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Sales Manager, Ontario, Canada - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

EVP & Global Chief Commercial Officer - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

QA/QC Manager - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Director of Biostimulation - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Marketing/Communications Manager - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Product Manager, High Value Produce - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Senior Analytical Chemist - Inocucor Technologies (Montreal, Quebec)

Economist - Mercaris Corporation (Washington D.C. or Chicago, IL)

Customer Support Representative - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Director of Product, Platform - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Director of Business Development (Food Service Partners) - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Director, Growth Partners - East (Boston, D.C., Atlanta) - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Regional Sales Director - Zipongo (Chicago, IL)

Regional Sales Director - Health Plans  Zipongo (Chicago, IL)

Sr. Build and Release Engineer- Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Sr. Customer Success Manager - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)

Sr. Product Designer - Zipongo (San Francisco, CA)